Striped Bass

Striped Bass

Print Dimensions Width Height
Fish 28" 10 1/2"
White w/Deckle Edge 30" 12"
Overall Print 32" 13 1/2"
Striped Bass

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Striped Bass

Print Only
on cool white paper
with deckled edges


SS-10 Striped Bass


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The Stripped Bass Story

Jack and family lived on the shore in Noank Ct. His son had his Captains license and was rated to vessels over 50’ in length. He now had a 23’ boat which he used for fishing along the coast line. One day late in the afternoon, Jack got a call from Kevin. He was out on the sound fishing with his buddies. They were catching Striped Bass and had 3 of them on the boat. Would he want one for making a fish rubbing?

Jack replied yes provided it was not much over 28” in length. At this time the legal size was 28 inches. Also, the backing board Jack had for the larger prints was 30” long. Any fish over 28” would pose a printing problem and not fit in his largest sleeves. Kevin came back to him …. they had one … (their smallest) just a smidge over 28”. Jack said he’d take it. About a half hour later, the fish was in Jack’s studio being printed.

It turned out to be one of his best fish rubbings, and very popular print among the salt water fishermen in the area. A short time later, Jack had “KECHENENY” T-shirts with a Stripper on the back..

And that’s the story of the Stripped Bass.