Print Dimensions Width Height
Fish 5 1/2" 2"
White w/Deckle Edge 7" 3 3/4"
Overall Print 8 3/4" 5 3/4"

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Print Only
on cool white paper
with deckled edges


S2-17 Snipefish


Home Page

The Snipefish Story.

Fishing trawlers out of Stonington CT often set their nets to drag the bottom of the sea, fishing for ground fish. When fishing like this, they catch a great many undesirable fish also living on the bottom. When they dump the contents of the net on board, the fish travel up a conveyor to the sorting table. The fish they intend to keep are placed in totes, iced down, and stored below deck. The unwanted fish continue to slide down the shoot and back into the ocean.

One day Jack was at the Stonington Dock watching the crew unloading the trawler Neptune. As the fish were coming down the unloading shoot Jack noticed a Snipefish in with the other fish. (When sorting at sea, it’s not uncommon to find an undesirable fish mistakenly thrown in with the good fish.) As a worker at the dock was about to throw the Snipefish out to the waiting sea gulls, Jack asked him if he could have it. Home it went with Jack. After rubbing the other fish, it was the Snipefish’s turn. It turned out to be a very difficult fish to work with. It had a sandpaper texture for skin and … it was quite small. But after many disappointing try’s they managed to produce a few good rubbings. This one was selected as the best of the best.

And that’s the story how the little Snipefish came to be.