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Fish 11" 8"
Overall Print 17" 11"

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Print Only
on cream colored paper
no deckled edge


S7-19 Lookdown



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8 1/2" x 11"
on cream colored paper
no deckled edge


S7-19s Lookdown

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The Lookdown Story

Mark, a photographer Jack knew, often mentioned about this "Trap Fisherman" he knew who fished out of Galee, RI.. He often went out with him when he tended to his nets, and Mark would take along his camera and take interesting fishing pictures.

He told Jack that Tom Hoxsie was a real nice fellow. If he hooked up with him, he was sure he could get Jack some really interesting fish.

Jack gave him a call and soon they were a working team. Tom would soon bring Jack some very interesting fish caught in his trap. The trap has a 400' net running out from shore to a pen at the end. It's anchored to the bottom but the pen is all in one piece. They hauled the pen over the side of the boat until the fish are in the net holding close next to the boat. Desirable fish were netted out and kept for market while the others were released unharmed.

As time went on, Tom would call Jack from the boat telling him of an interesting fish he had caught. Would he want him? Tom would bring the fish ashore and leave it in an ice cooler at the foot of his dock.

Jack would make the trip up from CT to RI and get his subjects for the rubbing session. In return, Jack always gave Tom one of the rubbings along with a signed print.

And that's how the Lookdown print came to be.